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Thought Starter

Buy or Build your Kubernetes platform

Avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes when starting your Kubernetes journey. We've got 12 vital questions for your business to help you ensure a good start.

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Ensure a good start with Kubernetes

Avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes when starting your Kubernetes journey

After lengthy discussions with stakeholders it has become clear that your software organization is best served by utilizing Kubernetes. Together with your cloud infra team you were able to choose from one of the managed Kubernetes providers, or decided to deploy Kubernetes on-premise.

But then the questions come. What's option fits mu needs best? What's the most important element for our company? What about security? Or automation? What are the cost and how much time do we need to invest ourselves?

Very valid question. since starting with Kubernetes plays a vital role in the development of your organization. To make sure you overlook all relevant aspects, download our thought starter Buy or build your Kubernetes platform. A comprehensive file with 50+ questions to mitigate the dilemma.

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Investigation Phase

18 questions to gain a clear
You want to have a clear understanding of your use cases and (future) needs.

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Selection Phase

17 questions to assess suppliers from a business perspective and try to weed out the ones that will not be a good fit.

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Evaluation Phase

25 questions to get an understanding whether your potential investment will fare well and stand the test of time.

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Decision Phase

Tips to make sure you make the right decision and help smooth the process when not all decision makers think alike.