Kubernetes security and governance made easy using Otomi

ABOUT the session

Otomi is an open-source, cloud-agnostic, self-hosted PaaS for Kubernetes. Under the hood, Otomi leverages several OSS and CNCF projects like Calico, OPA Gatekeeper, Istio, Harbor to enhance security. This talk will demonstrate how teams can use Otomi to enforce container and network security policies. We will walk you through a couple of scenarios that showcase the possibilities to reduce the attack surface using Otomi.

This session is hosted by Abhimanyu Selvan, Developer Advocate @ Red Kubes. Abhi is a hands-on technologist who has worked in several fields such as aerospace, robotics, e-health and has landed in the cloud-native realm exploring the digital troposphere. His focus lies in the intersection of developer productivity and business interests. He is an open-source enthusiast and is driven toward building an inclusive community. (@diabhey)

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