The Benefits For
FinTech Companies

Secure From Day 1

All security controls implemented from the start

Lower Time To Market

Lower the Time to Market and pave the way for agility and faster innovation

Less Operational Burden

No application management of everything running on top of Kubernetes

Otomi Container Platform offers a robust basis for Fintech companies to start with Kubernetes today



Secure From Day One

Trust comes down to whether your application is secure, robust, and resilient. Downtime and security breaches will have customers abandoning your application before you have a chance to fix the issue. From a security perspective, you need to ensure that time pressure and innovation pressure never compromise security. With a complex technology such as Kubernetes, security must be implemented from the very beginning, before there’s a chance for things to go wrong. 

Otomi Container Platform’s opinionated approach to configurations ensures that security best practices are followed consistently even if the team doesn’t know what the best practices are.



Accelerate Development

Development teams have a key role to play in bringing to life the vision of product teams, customer support teams, and of course visionary founders. It’s vital that their work isn’t delayed by hold-ups, lack of access to technology infrastructure. Time spent on Kubernetes management is time not spent on developing software to deliver value to your customers. The fastest-moving teams are those who choose to abstract away all the engineering tasks that don’t add differentiated value to your company.

Otomi Container Platform is the fastest way for organizations to get Kubernetes speed and agility, with the smallest initial and ongoing investment in infrastructure management.



Lower The Operational Burden

Choosing the DIY platform building approach can be time-consuming and complex. On average, companies spend at least 12 months building an initial and secure setup. And the ongoing maintenance afterward can become an operational nightmare. Otomi helps Fintech companies to lower the operational burden by taking over the application management of everything running on top of Kubernetes, including the lifecycle management of all the applications and add-ons. Laying the right foundation for the modern cloud-native applications will immensely pay back in the long run and gets the initial deployments completed in a matter of hours instead of weeks or months.



Removing The Complexity

With the developer self-service in Otomi Container Platform, you can create a Service, fill in the image you would like to deploy, and add a hostname for the public URL. Otomi then deploys your app and provides an URL where you can directly access your application. Everything needed to configure public access is automatically done for you. It’s not necessary to use specific add-ons for ingress, SSO, or creating certificates. And no Kubernetes YAML manifests are required. With Otomi, you can deploy containerized apps on Kubernetes without needing to understand or learn Kubernetes. Otomi Container Platform makes Kubernetes a true point-and-click affair and removes the complexity of Kubernetes away from the developer.

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