Otomi Startup Program

Your Apps running on K8s within a day!

Speed up your time to market

Red Kubes’ mission is to make developers happy because they deliver value for end-users. This sparks innovation and business outcomes.

As a startup, we know all about balancing speed and costs, and also delivering value to happy users. This led us to launch a program specifically designed to support the innovation of startups. 

We believe Otomi and Kubernetes can accelerate speed to market, and this is what startups are most geared towards.

What's in it for you as a startup?

The challenge in building a production-ready platform with Kubernetes is a challenge and this is especially the case for startups.

In this program, we’ll help you get started with Otomi and Kubernetes. You’ll have your app running on a dedicated Kubernetes cluster and get access to all the tools needed within a day.

This is the simplest way for start-ups to leverage all the technologies required to deploy and run containerized applications to accelerate their TTM in the critical growth phase.

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What we will do for your startup

To get you up to speed as soon as possible, we will:

  • Provision a dedicated Kubernetes cluster on Digital Ocean (Prefer a different a cloud provider? That’s also fine) 
  • Install Otomi with a startup profile that will activate and configure all the required capabilities needed to deploy and securely run your apps
  • Help you deploy your first app
  • Support you in any way while using Otomi


Now you can have your app running on Kubernetes within a day instead of spending month while trying to build your own bespoke platform and deployment pipelines.