GREATER joins Red Kubes partner program

We are excited to announce that Greater joins the Red Kubes partner program as a consulting and reseller partner for the Otomi Container Platform.

Rody Huibers, Manager Operations & Partner: “Immediately upon our first encounter with Red Kubes, we saw the added value of Otomi Container Platform. Finally, a tool that solves the complexity of a good Kubernetes integration. We have become so enthusiastic about Otomi’s ‘simplicity’ that it is a no-brainer for us to enter into a partnership with Red Kubes. As far as we are concerned ‘The next Greater thing in Cloud Native’

About Greater

Greater was founded by techies and built for techies! Even the management of the company consists of 95% of consultants. Thanks to our experience in the world of consultancy, we know better than anyone else what techies need and really appreciate. With this in mind, Greater has been founded and we also adhere to these standards and values. With the above building blocks, a unique culture has been formed where knowledge is actively shared and where everyone is willing to help others. Through our own “Greater Academy” all knowledge is available, you just have to learn it!

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