Red Kubes makes self-service features free of charge

UTRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS – September 7, 2021 — Red Kubes, creators of Otomi, a Kubernetes-based Operating System, today announced that the Otomi self-service features of the paid Enterprise Edition are now free of charge.

“As you might all know, the core of Otomi was already open source. The self-service features in the Enterprise Edition however could only be used with a license. But as of today, the self-service features of Otomi are now free of charge. This means that the features that were previously only available with a license are now available for everybody.” said Sander Rodenhuis, CEO of Red Kubes. “Because the desktop experience with developer self-service was part of the Enterprise Edition, we realized that the Community Edition did not bring what we stand for, making Kubernetes easy.”

Making the self-service features free, fits into the ambition of Red Kubes to make Otomi the most popular Kubernetes-based distribution globally. Not a distribution compared to the Kubernetes distributions that are already out there, but more compared to a Linux distribution. Otomi uses Kubernetes as its kernel, has a package manager, offers a desktop environment combined with built-in applications, can be installed with a single command, is now free, and works out-of-the-box. This means that all built-in applications are pre-configured, integrated, and ready to use. But just as with any Linux distro, you can also install your own applications and use the Otomi CLI or Kubectl to dive under the hood.

Sander Rodenhuis: “This is a real game-changer. Now every organization can use Otomi to create their Kubernetes-based Internal Developer Platform (IDP) and make developers self-serving. Otomi was built by SREs for SREs to avoid the pitfalls of Do It Yourself, resulting in technical debt, and with the self-service features developers can focus completely on their apps and avoid the Kubernetes trenches.”

Next to making the self-service features free of charge, Red Kubes also released a Helm Chart install for Otomi, making it much easier to install. Visit to get started today.

About Red Kubes

Founded in September of 2019, Red Kubes is the creator of Otomi, a Kubernetes-based Operating System that uses Kubernetes as its kernel, offers a desktop environment combined with built-in applications, and works out-of-the-box. Red Kubes is based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, with a seed investment from the leading Dutch venture capital firm Capital Mills. For more information, visit

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