Trial / PoC

Would you like to self-host Otomi, but need some help? We offer FREE onboarding during a trial or PoC for a period of 2 weeks with a maximum of 8 hours. During this period we help you to set up a trial/PoC environment and answer any questions you might have.

Installation & Configuration

We’ll help you install Otomi with a custom configuration based on your requirements on a Kubernetes cluster in your cloud of choice and help you get started with Otomi. We can also help you containerize your app, set up a CI pipeline, create Helm charts, and configure automatic image updates. Contact us and let’s discuss your needs.

Otomi Training

During an in-depth training designed especially for Dev/Ops teams, we’ll learn you everything there is to know about Otomi. The training consists out of a theoretical and a hands-on part. Training can be customized based on your requirements. Note that some basic Kubernetes knowledge (minimal CKAD level) is required. Contact us for more information and pricing.