Otomi pricing

Our cluster-based pricing philosophy is simple: You pay per Kubernetes cluster where you run Otomi, no matter the number of nodes, the number of applications you install, or the amount of users.


Choose a Plan


  • All apps
  • Services & Jobs
  • Teams
  • Community Support


  • Per cluster
  • All of Core +
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Delegation of Control
  • Secrets Management
  • Policy Management
  • 10/5 Customer Support (CET)**


On Request
  • All of Pro +
  • Advanced Networking
  • Multi-cluster Dashboards
  • Prioritized Feature Request
  • 24/7 Customer Support**

*) Currently all Otomi features are free of charge. Expect this to change in the near future. You will always be eligible for a free trial.

**) The correct working of all Otomi components and the integrated applications based on the user input gathered in Otomi Console is supported. For LifeCycle maintenance and SRE support, contact us or one of our partners.