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Red Kubes enables cloud transformations through accelerated adoption of containerization & Kubernetes. We have abstracted complexity away from the way applications are being delivered and managed. This is done through the innovative platform called Otomi, a ready-to-run open core platform for production workloads, on Any Kubernetes in Any Cloud.

Otomi integrates & automates the most popular open source technologies from the cloud native ecosystem for CI/CD, Observability, Security, Compliance, Storage, Networking & Cost Management

Otomi offers all that platform teams need

Multi-cloud support

Otomi runs on any Kubernetes and any cloud in a GitOps way.


Automated provisioning of multi tenant teams, workloads, dashboards and much more.

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30+ integrations

Over 30 leading open source CNCF projects integrated, configured & automated.

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For all tools and technologies for platform teams and developers.

This is why others love the Otomi Platform

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Full Control

Get full control over the complete stack and start deploy, operate and monitor your apps today.

Immediately overcome all the challenges DevOps teams face when deploying and managing applications on Kubernetes. DevOps teams will get access to all the tools they need, can configure alerts to be sent, configure resource constraints using a simple UI, expose applications securely (with mTLS) in just a couple of minutes and take advantage of all the security features including policy enforcement, image vulnerability scanning, and workload isolation.

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30+ integrations in just a few clicks

Otomi offers an out-of-the-box enterprise-grade and production-ready platform for Kubernetes and offers a suite of highly integrated and pre-configured industry-leading open source applications, combined with automation and self-service.

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Extensive Onboarding

If you are a developer and are going to use Otomi Platform, we have a couple of onboarding options. We'll guide you in using Otomi to deploy and manage your containerized applications. The getting started with Otomi for developers contains a set of labs to cover all the activities in the following developer workflow.

30+ integrated tools

Over 30 leading open source projects integrated and pre configured.

Argo CD

A declarative, GitOps continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes

HashiCorp Vault

Secure, store and control access to tokens, passwords, API keys and other secrets


The current standard in collecting container application metrics

Otomi in Action

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Mastering Kubernetes Platforms

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Without Otomi

  • Invest in knowledge and culture to train & retain talent
  • "point solutions" platform services that only solve one part of the problem
  • Hiring external consultants & engineers for long periods
  • Buying multiple solutions  (complex and more expensive)
  • Risk in finances, security, compliance
    Risk in employees leaving with vital knowledge

With Otomi

  • Limited Kubernetes skills required
  • High abstraction on top of complex technology for simplification
  • Full lifecycle management of all components
  • No need to pay for an endless list of point solutions
  • Cloud agnostic & abstraction
  • Hyperscale due to 1 tech & ops standard for all clouds
  • All Code and Config stored in Git
Webinar: Security Challenges

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