New feature for developers

Red Kubes, the creators of Otomi, announces new feature for developers to deploy applications in Kubernetes according to security and compliance policies.

Dutch startup Red Kubes, the creators of the Kubernetes-based production ready platform Otomi, today announce their new ‘Workloads’ feature. Next to the workloads feature Red Kubes also announced the introduction of Otomi Cloud along with a new Console.

With the new workloads  feature it becomes easier for developers to deploy applications according to security and compliance standards which, in turn, makes the software delivery process more efficient and secure. This feature brings Red Kubes one step closer to their vision of giving time back to developers and to help save businesses time, money and resources.

The Workloads feature enables the definition of applications as code within Otomi, where users can input their application configuration (like the image to deploy) and then Otomi automatically installs the application. Any modifications made to the application configuration are stored in the Git repository and monitored by the continuous delivery controller. By utilizing this feature, it becomes possible to define customer applications as code, which then facilitates the ability to define the entire platform as code. This saves time for developers to focus more on application code and ship products, instead of dealing with Kubernetes internals. The feature could save developers up to one day per workload deployed to Kubernetes.

The ‘Workloads’ feature includes:

  • Improved integrity and security by employing application as code strategy
  • Faster Kubernetes adoption
  • Increased productivity for developers
  • Reduced cognitive load for developers deploying apps to Kubernetes
  • Reduced operating costs
Developers and platform engineers are looking for ways to improve the route to live in Kubernetes environments, we are really excited to launch this new feature which benefits all parties. The opportunities that our features, such as Workloads provide, allow for truly streamlined and productive workflows. In conjunction with other features on the Otomi roadmap we will significantly enhance the Developer and Platform team’s experience in building a Kubernetes based platforms and deploying applications to it”, says Jehoszafat Zimnowoda, Engineering Lead of Red Kubes.

Easier deployment in Kubernetes
The Workloads feature brings Red Kubes one step closer to help developers focus all of their time on application code and ship products, instead of dealing with Kubernetes internals.

SaaS solution Otomi Cloud

Otomi Cloud is Red Kubes’ introduction of a SaaS solution in which customers, in time, can manage their multi-cloud Otomi infrastructure. With the introduction organizations have one overview of all installed clusters. This first release comes in conjunction with the release of the new Otomi console. This new console represents a more intuitive web UI with improved navigation and manageability for platform engineers and developers.

Red Kubes provides hands-on support for customers looking to accelerate Kubernetes Engineering efforts to create a stable production ready platform.

“With the introduction of the new feature, we plan to continue to automate manual steps in the software delivery, so platform engineers and developers can do additional value-add work and businesses can deliver more without hiring more people”, says Rouven Besters, CEO of Red Kubes.